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Data Privacy Statement

Yepnep is a dating service. By using this service, Yepnep and any member undertake to comply with this data privacy statement.

1.1.Yepnep and their members agree to comply with Swiss law pertaining to privacy and to telecommunications. Both parties endeavor to the careful treatment of personal data and adhere to the following principles when collecting, processing and utilization of personal data:

Truthful Statements
2.1.Any member undertakes to provide true statements when registering, as well as throughout further activities and contacts.

Data Protection Issues in the Internet
3.1.Yepnep states explicitly that, by today’s technical standards, there can be no complete data protection in open networks like the Internet. By their use of Yepnep, members are exposed to certain data protection issues such as unencrypted transmitted data being read, altered, suppressed or delayed by unauthorized third parties.

Use of Member Data
4.1.Any member allows Yepnep to use and process personal, usage and billing data directly related to the Yepnep services.

4.2.If Yepnep plans to use member data in other ways, e.g. to inform members about features, products and services, such members can object to the use of their data for other purposes than the service originally requested.

4.3.Yepnep undertakes not to transmit such data to third parties.

Trading Data
5.1.To improve its services, Yepnep collects so called trading data which contains information about member access to the Yepnep website.

Right to Information and Rectification
6.1.Any registered Yepnep member has the right to be informed about stored data which is related to him or her. Moreover, any affected member may request the rectification of data, and, in case of cancellation of membership, the deletion from the address register.

Protection of Member Data
7.1.All requested data is collected by electronic means. Yepnep ensures the protection of member data from unauthorized viewing and handling by appropriate technical and organizational measures.

Protection of Access Information
8.1.Members take appropriate measures to ensure technical data protection. Above all, members undertake to keep strictly confidential their user identification and the corresponding password, which are granted by Yepnep for the purpose of access and to abstain from transmitting such information to unauthorized third parties. When a member learns that access data are known by unauthorized third parties, he or she shall inform Yepnep immediately.

9.1.Parties treat confidentially all information which is not generally known nor generally accessible,.The obligation to maintain confidentiality exists already before the conclusion of a contract and remains valid after its termination.

 Yepnep, Zug, September 1st, 2007

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