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Frequently asked questions

What’s Yepnep?
 Attraction between people happens immediately and intuitively. Yepnep is a dating service with this fact in mind and therefore does not use complex personality tests.

How does Yepnep work?
 We show you photos of people who live near you. If you find them appealing and want to get to know them, give them a Yep. If he or she is not your type of person, give them a Nep. When you give them a Yep, we will then show them your picture. If both of you answer with a Yep, we will bring the two of you together.

What are the unbeatable advantages of Yepnep?
 Registration takes only 60 seconds. You can only be contacted by persons whom you have rated as appealing. You know that a Yepnep date is interested in you as well, which will enable you to get to know one another in a very relaxed manner.

What’s a Yepnep date?
 A date takes place when two members independently give each other a Yep. A date means that both persons are allowed to access the other person’s profile and are able to contact each other.

What does Yep and Nep mean?
 Yes and no. Thumbs up or down. That wasn’t very hard, was it? ;)

How much does Yepnep cost?
 In order to be able to read messages from another member, one of the two members has to be a Premium Member. Premium Members are specially labeled and achieve on average twice as many matchings as regular members do.

Why should I invite my friends to Yepnep?
 Invite one of your friends to Yepnep and receive a free one-week trial subscription.

How do I increase my chances for a Date?
 Only those who play the game can win! The more pictures you rate, the more often your own photo will be shown to other members. Thus your chances of finding your dream date increase. To post a good photograph is important too. We also recommend a Premium Membership. Premium Members achieve on average twice as many matchings as regular members do.

How do I contact another member?
 As soon as a Yepnep matching has taken place between you and another member, you will be able to contact each other on the Yepnep platform.

What kind of picture should I use?
 Show your best side! Cheerful, spontaneous and appealing pictures have the best chance of being favored with a Yep. The most important thing is to get started. You can change your picture as many times and whenever you want.

Can other members see if I give them a "Nep"?
 No. Other members have no way of seeing how you rated them.

Can I change my "Yep" or "Nep" decision pertaining to another member?
 Each member will be shown to you only once. That is when you have to either seize the opportunity or decline.

How does Yepnep decide which members are shown to me?
 Your profile settings show us what you are looking for and who suits you best. Out of all our different members, we show you those members who live closest to you.

How can I cancel my membership?
 Under "Your information", you can cancel your membership at any time.

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